Podcast 5

Data Sharing Between State, Local, and Federal Agencies

Topic/Title: "Data Sharing Between State, Local, and Federal Agencies"

Description: The State of New York received a COPS grant to develop a statewide criminal incident database based on National Information Exchange Model or NIEM standards and integrated with federal, local, and other state systems. It will ensure that incident information meets state fusion center and FBI N-DEx (Law Enforcement National Data Exchange) program needs.

Participant: Christine Tyler, Project Director, New York State Division of Criminal Justice Services

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  1. Through NYDEX (New York Data Exchange), New York criminal justice agencies will have an automated, services-oriented means of linking records statewide and beyond.
    1. How will agencies contributing incident-based data benefit from this local, state, and federal partnership?
    2. How did you get the buy-in of participating agencies?
  2. You’ve said that DCJS (Division of Criminal Justice Services) collects incident based data from agencies that use upwards of 20 different records management systems. Tell us a bit about the RMS (Records Management System) that your agency provides.
    1. How many agencies use it?
    2. Why does the state provide it?
    3. Where are you at in the process of upgrading the RMS for NYDEX?
    4. How do you plan to help agencies using other records management systems share through NYDEX?
  3. It sounds from our previous discussions as though working with the FBI has been one of the more positive parts of the project so far.
    1. How has the concept of operations document, on which the FBI helped, advanced the project?
    2. How else has their participation been valuable?
    3. How do you foresee agencies using FBI analytics services?
  4. What challenges have you faced with data mapping, extraction, transformation, and loading?
    1. Have there been challenges finding people skilled with technical skills?
    2. How about project management skills?
    3. What value has open source software brought?
    4. Any downsides?
  5. You went through some grant reprogramming as your project progressed.
    1. Why was that necessary?
    2. What lessons did you learn?
    3. In closing, what are your take-away messages for the success of others undertaking similar projects?

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