Podcast 3

Why Regional Communications Plans Can Help Improve Systems Planning and Operations

Topic/Title: "Why Regional Communications Plans Can Help Improve Systems Planning and Operations"

Description: State of the art radio communications systems have helped improve the abilities of public safety to respond to emergencies large and small. Learn how New Orleans and its surrounding partners in Louisiana improved communications interoperability through development and use of a regional communications plan following Hurricane Katrina.

Participant: Ken Hughes, Regional Communications Planner, City of New Orleans, Louisiana

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  1. Can you tell us a bit generally about the voice and data communications that public safety responders have in New Orleans and surrounding parishes?
  2. How did your Regional Interoperable Communications Plan come about?
  3. How did you develop a shared talkgroup plan for the region?
  4. What have you learned over time as revisions to the talkgroup plan have been needed?
  5. How has your adoption of the Incident Command System (ICS) shaped the regional talkgroup plan?
  6. How do individuals fulfilling the ICS Communications Unit Leader role apply the plan during incidents?
  7. What’s the purpose of the regional field operations guide, or RFOG, and how does is it differ from the Regional Interoperable Communications Plan?
  8. What’s being done to assure survivability of your regional radio system?
  9. What carry-away messages for success do you have that others can model?

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