JIEM Reference Model (Adult Felony)

  • The current JIEM® Reference Model is a set of information exchanges regarding business functions that are common to most jurisdictions. The exchanges have been defined and honed by other JIEM users.
  • This model, based on the Adult Felony judicial process, provides common exchanges users can build upon that are relevant to their efforts.
  • Having reference models available allows users of the JIEM tool to leverage key exchanges of relevance to their site, reducing the time it takes to develop requirements.
  • SEARCH is presently undertaking an initiative to develop additional reference models that go beyond the Adult Felony process.

Examples of data contained in the JIEM Reference Model (Adult Felony):


At Large


Pre-disposition Court

Post-disposition Court

Pre-disposition Supervision

Post-disposition Supervision





Filing Decision

Arrest Warrant Review

Schedule Court Appearance


Law Enforcement



Local Probation


Parole Board


Collections Agency


Incident Report

Arrest Report

Arrest Warrant

Bench Warrant

Criminal History

Sentence Order

If case is a mesdeameanor

If subject is over 18 years old

If subject is in custody

If prosecutor review is not required

Adult Felony Adjudication Process Exchanges (663)

In 1998, SEARCH was engaged by the U.S. Department of Justice, Bureau of Justice Assistance to evaluate an important hypothesis: that justice information exchange is remarkably consistent across the nation. SEARCH conducted a research project that examined information sharing practices in some 20 jurisdictions. An early version of the JIEM Tool was used to collect the information from the subject sites in a consistent manner. The project produced two important outcomes:

  • First, the hypothesis about the consistency of justice information exchange was confirmed-across jurisdictions of various sizes, levels of government, and geographic characteristics, the flow of information through the criminal justice process is very much the same.
  • Second, the results of the research were assembled into an Adult Felony Reference Model that describes the common exchanges, processes, events, agencies, and conditions across the subject jurisdictions.

This Reference Model, and others in development at SEARCH covering processes outside the original Adult Felony area, provide practitioners with a baseline set of requirements that can accelerate their own requirements modeling efforts, and align their requirements with what has been shown to work elsewhere.


  • JIEM Flyer
    This one-page flyer makes a great hand-out and describes the features and benefits of the JIEM resource.
  • JIEM Conceptual Framework - Updated November 2010
    This document defines and illustrates the five dimensions of information exchange (processes, events, agencies, conditions, and information), and explains how the individual dimensions are brought together to form meaningful exchanges of information.
  • JIEM Reference Model
    This business reference model for justice information exchange contains almost 700 key exchanges common to most jurisdictions. It is a reference manual for analyzing information exchange as a part of an integrated justice initiative, and aids sites in using JIEM effectively and economically. If you are a current JIEM user, you can obtain a copy of the JIEM Adult Felony Reference Model that you can import and use within the tool. Please consult the "Reference Models" page on the JIEM Community Site for more information. The JIEM Community Site provides users with additional information, reference models, tools, and tips that help information sharing initiatives succeed with JIEM.
  • Contact us: jiem@search.org