Schedule COML or COMT Training at Your Facility

Our nation's public safety community still faces major challenges in addressing the complexity of managing communications during large-scale domestic incidents. Don't miss this opportunity to provide your team with the tools they need to be prepared for such an incident.

Many agencies across the nation have partnered with SEARCH by using existing grant funds, and other means of funding, to conduct All-Hazards Communications Unit Leader (COML) and All-Hazards Communications Technician (COMT) Training for their state and local public safety practitioners. SEARCH, working with our public safety agency partners, has made accessing training easy by developing an affordable, standard package for COML and COMT training. If your agency would like to sponsor COML or COMT training, contact SEARCH today.

SEARCH training package provides:
  • All qualified and OEC-approved instructors
  • All of the course materials: Workbooks, CDs, exercises, and exams
  • Administrative support
  • OEC-approved training certificates
  • All cost associated with our instructors traveling to your facilities

We ask that you provide:
  • Adequate facilities (detailed facility needs will be provided upon request)
  • Qualified trainees
  • Unique local information
  • A point of contact for local logistical support

COML Course Topics - (Maximum of 30 students at your agency's facility.)
Unit 1: The Communications Unit Unit 6: Incident Communications Centers
Unit 2: Interoperable Communications Unit 7: Personnel Management
Unit 3: Frequency Regulation and Usage Unit 8: Coordination
Unit 4: Incident Communications Systems Unit 9: Demobilization
Unit 5: Incident Radio Communications Plans Unit 10: Resources

COMT Course Topics - (Maximum of 15 students at your agency's facility.)
Unit 1: Introduction Unit 8: Computer Technology
Unit 2: The COMT Unit 9: Satellite Technology
Unit 3: Interoperable Communications Unit 10: Safety Awareness
Unit 4: Radio Technology Unit 11: Mobilization
Unit 5: Incident Communications Systems Unit 12: Resource Awareness
Unit 6: Gateways Technology Unit 13: Demobilization
Unit 7: Telephone Technology Unit 14: Resources and Review

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Why should I choose SEARCH to train my staff?
Using SEARCH for COML and COMT training is the right choice for many reasons. SEARCH:
  • Employs expert instructors who are U.S. Department of Homeland Security Office of Emergency Communications (DHS OEC)-approved, and who have provided this training to practitioners across the country
  • Uses curriculum approved by the DHS OEC
  • Led the development of the COML training curriculum, involving OEC and practitioner working groups around the country
  • Has helped coordinate 60+ COML training classes to-date, serving more than 2,000 students nationwide
  • Provides students with all course materials and DHS OEC-approved certificates indicating successful completion of the training

2. What are the student prerequisites for this training?
Students shall have a Public Safety communications background with first responder experience and have basic Public Safety communication technology skills, supervisory skills, and personnel management skills. Prior to taking this Incident Command System (ICS) COML/COMT training, students shall satisfactorily complete the following National Incident Management System (NIMS) and ICS training:
  • NIMS 700
  • NIMS 800
  • ICS 100
  • ICS 200
  • ICS 300 (Recommended for COMT students, but not required.)

COMT students should also possess a public safety communications background with exposure to field operations, and a basic knowledge of local communications and communications systems, frequencies and spectrum, technologies, local topography, system site locations, including knowledge of local, regional, and state communication plans, and communications and resource contacts.

3. How well are SEARCH's instructors qualified to deliver this training?
SEARCH's COML/COMT training instructors are exceptionally well-qualified:
  • Our lead instructors are active in the COML and COMT Working Groups and are national leaders in the COML training effort.
  • All instructors have experience as local practitioners, and all have extensive communications backgrounds.
  • All instructors have active experience in the delivery of COML/COMT training.
  • All instructors have been actively engaged in the national rollout of COML/COMT training, and each consistently receives exceptional ratings by students.

4. What is the cost of SEARCH's COML/COMT training?
SEARCH has worked with partner public safety agencies to determine a fair package price for its COML and COMT training. Please call SEARCH today to discuss the pricing and arrange for training at your site.

5. How do I get more information about COML and COMT training?
Contact Ms. Nina Sullivan at SEARCH, telephone 916-392-2550 x200. Or email:

6. Will my students receive valid certificates for completing the course?
Yes. SEARCH's instructors are DHS OEC-approved and we are authorized to provide DHS OEC-approved certificates indicating successful completion of the training.

7. How long are the courses?
The COML course is 4 days in length. The COMT course is 5 days.