Technical Assistance Program

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SEARCH Can Help You...
  • Make the business case for automation, integration, information sharing and interoperability, including development of performance metrics to ensure success
  • Incorporate best practices for information technology (IT) strategic planning and implementation through development of comprehensive strategic and tactical plans
  • Model critical information and data exchanges
  • Use the latest tools, such as the U.S. Department of Justice-funded Justice Information Exchange Model and Global Justice XML Data Model, to facilitate information sharing
  • Improve communications interoperability for first responders
  • Assess IT security risks and develop appropriate policies and procedures
  • Develop effective project governance and leadership strategies
  • Create project management best practices, including risk and scope management techniques
  • Develop enterprise information sharing architectures that align technology decisions with business objectives, as well as national standards and best practices
  • Adopt effective procurement and vendor management strategies
  • Learn from the collective experiences of other agencies and jurisdictions
  • Implement appropriate information and identification technologies