Service-oriented Architecture

Service-oriented architecture (SOA) has evolved into the mainstream approach for sharing information and capabilities between autonomous business organizations. This is evident, not only from the significant attention SOA receives in the technology press and from major technology vendors, but also from recognition by the national justice community. In 2004, the Global Justice Information Sharing Initiative identified SOA as the recommended approach that justice information sharing projects should adopt as their main strategy in its report A Framework for Justice. Information Sharing: Service-Oriented Architecture.

In the justice community, the Global Reference Architecture (GRA) is the primary source of guidance on implementing SOA. SEARCH has been a leader in the development of the GRA since its inception, and in 2008 facilitated GRA implementations in the states of Maine and Hawaii. The GRA is a complex, involved set of specifications and guidelines, and the assistance of an expert such as SEARCH can make GRA adoption go more smoothly and quickly, and can target adoption at a jurisdiction's critical needs.