Wireless Networks and Volatile Data

With ever-increasing regularity, investigators are faced with processing live crime scenes that contain a plethora of digital evidence. SEARCH trainers have conducted extensive research in the area of Small Office/Home Office (SOHO) networks common today with broadband Internet connections.

Traditional digital evidence collection methods frequently result in evidence being left at the crime scene or being inadvertently deleted from computers entirely. Investigators must have the skills and knowledge to conduct pre-raid electronic surveillance of a suspect location to identify wireless networks and access points. Once identified, investigators must be able to locate these networks and access points and know how to recover volatile evidence commonly found on SOHO devices (routers, switches, and hubs) as well as the volatile evidence running on active Windows systems.

SEARCH provides a variety of training and tools to investigators so they will have the skills and techniques necessary to properly address the presence of electronic (digital) evidence at a crime scene.