New! Online Presentation Series: Key Project and System Concepts in Public Safety Communications

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SEARCH is pleased to offer a new online presentation series, Key Project and System Concepts in Public Safety Communications.

The web series will introduce public safety practitioners to six current and relevant emergency communications issues that impact public safety and public safety communications projects:

  • The "Accidental" Project Manager
  • Broadband and Long term Evolution (LTE) 101
  • Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) Development Tools
  • Narrowbanding: Mandates and Timeframes
  • Lifecycle Planning
  • Introduction to the Incident Command System (ICS) Communications Unit (COMU)

"The series is intended to provide a high-level overview of each subject, with the opportunity to seek additional training in an area of particular interest, and to help listeners make informed emergency communications decisions," said Mark Perbix, SEARCH Director of Information Sharing Programs. It is available through the SEARCH Online Learning Portal (see below for further instructions).

Each subject in the series is scheduled to be under 30 minutes in length. For each subject, companion courses are available on-line and in instructor-led formats that range from 4 hours to 5 days in length. Information on these offerings is available by email at

The series was designed under the assumption that listeners may represent mid-level managers or individuals who coordinate public safety communications projects and interoperable communications at the local, regional, or state level. The target audience may also be persons responsible for planning and operating interoperable public safety systems within their agency—such as a project manager, elected officials, board member, emergency manager, or planning personnel.

SEARCH developed this series under funding from the U.S. Department of Homeland Security (DHS) Office of Emergency Communications (OEC).

Viewers do not need to watch the presentations in any particular order. In addition to the presentation, some subjects include templates viewers can download for future use. After completing all six subjects in this web presentation series, viewers should have:

  • Information on project management success factors and tools that lead them to completing successful communications projects.
  • Increased awareness of current technology considerations, such as LTE, narrowbanding, public safety broadband, and dual path convergence.
  • An opportunity to review and use emergency communications resources, tools, and templates.
  • Information on the foundational elements of lifecycle planning.
  • Raised awareness of the COMU within the ICS so participants can articulate the importance of communications planning in incident response.

If you need help with any part of this webinar series, email for assistance. Viewers are able to print a Certificate of Completion at the end of the series.

NOTE: How the presentations open and display will depend on your system. After you select the presentation, it may auto-play, or it may load and then you select the play button, or you may have to click another link before it will auto-play or load. Once the presentation starts, you do not need to click on the presentation to advance the slides; it will advance on its own.

How do I sign onto the SEARCH Online Learning Portal?

  1. If you have never signed onto the portal, send us an email at and provide your name, agency name and address, email address and telephone number
  2. The system administrator will be notified of your request.
  3. We will notify you by email when your new account has been confirmed. Note: This may take several days.
  4. Use the username and password provided in the email to log onto the SEARCH Online Learning portal at
  5. You will be prompted to change your username and password during your first login.
  6. Select the course or series you want to participate in. If you are prompted for an "enrolment key" — use the one provided by the course administrator. This will "enroll" you in this presentation series.
  7. You can now access the full presentation series. From now on you will only need to enter your personal username and password on the SEARCH Online Learning Portal page to log in and access any course or series you have enrolled in.