SEARCH Issue Brief Addresses Public Safety Interoperable Communications SOPs

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Standard operating procedures (SOPs) are considered a critical success factor for interoperable communications for public safety agencies.

A new Issue Brief prepared by SEARCH provides guidance on how to develop SOPS and effectively implement them within agencies. The brief looks at—

  • why the public safety needs SOPs,
  • free SOP models that are available for use,
  • how agencies can develop and test SOPS,
  • the importance of ensuring the operational utility of SOPs, and
  • what benefits agencies can expect from their use.

The Issue Brief was prepared under funding from the U.S. Department of Justice's Office of Community Oriented Policing Services (COPS), which published the guide April 30. It was authored by former SEARCH staff Benjamin R. Krauss, PMP.

The Issue Brief is available for download from SEARCH's website, as well as that of the COPS Office. It will also be available in hard copy via the COPS Office Response Center. To order a copy, reference the document title:

The guide is the seventh in a series of Issue Briefs prepared by SEARCH and published by COPS that address best practices and key topical issues related to public safety communications interoperability.